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81% of Experts in the News are Male

The Fourth Global Media Monitoring Project sampled major news outlets in 130 countries and found 81% of experts who appeared in the news are male. Additionally, only 16% of all stories focus specifically on women. (Source:

To change this picture, two global organizations are partnering to promote and engage women thought leaders in the news.

85 Broads is a global network of 25,000 women who live in over 90 countries. These trailblazing women work for thousands of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations as investment bankers, lawyers, educators, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, philanthropists, athletes, scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs. Despite this intense concentration of thought leadership, few women are regularly asked for their opinions, advice or expertise in the news media.

NewsCertified Exchange is a company using a social media platform to link vetted, interview-ready thought leaders with journalists on a global scale. "Journalists are actively looking for more female voices, says Kathryn McManus, president of NCE. "We all believe this partnership will have a profoundly positive effect on newsgathering."

"Over 800 of our members are CEOs, founders, and presidents of their own companies with a depth of knowledge and expertise that would be of real value to the media and to the public," adds Kelly Hoey, President of 85 Broads. "We recognize the unique partnership opportunity NCE brings to our efforts to promote these women."

Founded by veteran broadcast journalists, NCE has worked with over 400 organizations to executive train, certify, and position experts on a searchable database created for journalists by journalists.

Journalists representing 200+ print/online, radio and broadcast organizations are currently using NCE. Award-winning broadcast journalist (ABC, PBS, public radio) Lynn Sherr says journalists will welcome the new voices. "Finally, a vetted list that goes way beyond 'the usual suspects.'"