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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Urban living is the new creative paradigm for visual imagery

The world is now more "urban" than "rural." Get over it! :-)

Even Corbis is tackling the business of photography and imagery for advertising, creativity and communications from an "urban living" perspective. Their "Urban Living Creative Research" report shares some of the new communications paradigm.

Urban tourism has been growing for decades as people travel in search of culture, heritage, and entertainment.

Urban centers aren't just places to visit, but to put down roots and turn into home.

Urbanization is the hallmark of our century.

In 1800 3% of the world's population lived in urban areas.

In 1900 ... 14%.

In 1950 ... 30%

In 2007 ... 50%

In 2050, the United Nations estimates that over six billion people will live in urban areas.

And we're not talking about small cities. Cities with over 10 million people are sprouting up. In 2000 there were 16 such cities. By 2015, there will probably be over 30.

Half of the urban population still lives in cities of less than 500,000, but the top 25 megacities account for more than half of the world's wealth. Did we say wealth?

Suburban living costs include higher fuel and housing risks. Isolation, deficient public transportation, health care, education... all these work/life balance issues are part of the cost of living outside urban areas.

Urban areas bring people closer to work and friends, and engagement with people and things that matter most.

Even environmental impact is lessened in dense communities than suburban areas.

Transportation is changing: sales of bikes, scooters and motorcycles are up and public transportation is growing.

Business and commercial centers are becoming multipurpose communities, mixing work, business, play and homes.

Careers are robust in urban centers - with all kinds of professionals from industrial workers to small business owners and entrepreneurs to corporate and creative employees.

Concepts and keywords for this thriving urbanism include: enthusiasm, dedication, teamwork, trust, precision, skill, equality, creativity, respect, problem solving and leadership.

Local culture, food and music and exploring urban neighborhoods and parks bring up concepts like: local, appreciation, joy, discovery, dreams, global, achievement, ambition, leadership, reverence, staycation, wellness and solitude.

The inner city crowd have different transportation habits and different flow: solutions, back to basics, carbon neutral, green, ideas, incentives, unconventional, mobility, carbon footprint, freedom and progress.

And don't forget our humble abodes that bring inspiration, interaction, work and personal + public spaces to life. Think about contemporary, innovation, contrast, stability, durability, elegance, nostalgia, imagination, engineering, infrastructure, security, symmetry and technology.

But urban life without companionship can be lonely and is unhealthy. Quality time with friends, partners and family is key. Fun and simplicity offset the stress of complicated living in urban areas teaming with people. The new important concepts include "on the go", playful, spontaneous, freedom, motivation, individuality, real people, diversity, satisfaction, strength, emotions, connections, downtime, renewal, nightlife, whimsical.

Travel and vacations are more important as urban density and long work hours consume time and attention. Vacations at home and day trips are to save money and take a break from the routine, as well as spend time with family and friends. Urban centers provide plenty of opportunities to explore local markets, nightlife, parks and cultural attractions. Rising concepts include: simplicity, style, love, togetherness, friendship, adventure, optimism, intimacy, nurturing, togetherness, humor, romance, networking, generations, advice, memories and kindness.

Creative professionals are a growing segment of American businesses that take their ideas and products global with a local spin. Suits and ties are transforming into a more casual look and attitude. The new watchwords include innovation, strategy, power, creativity, guidance, understanding, generosity, authentic, communication, trust, self-expression, wisdom and opportunity.