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Point-to-point HD Personal Videoconferencing Cameras for Small & Medium Size Businesses

Today's small/medium businesses increasingly rely on remote and mobile employees who need to effectively communicate using high-quality HD video communications but need a solution that is PC-based, works anywhere, and at a price point that won't break the bank. Businesses can get more done with higher employee productivity and less travel dollars spent.

With the workforce becoming increasingly remote and mobile, users are demanding HD videoconferencing solutions that can be used to communicate effectively, from anywhere. For less than the cost of a typical round-trip airline ticket, faceVsion enables point-to-point HD personal videoconferencing.

HD Videoconferencing Cameras + Gmail Account

The popular TouchCam lineup of HD videoconferencing cameras includes TouchCam E1 and L2 models that are capable of streaming up to 1080p HD video over the Internet using faceVsion's QuLives(TM) communication software and a Gmail account.

Skype and Cisco WebEx Online Meetings

The two new cameras are also excellent for online meetings using Cisco's WebEx, delivering a significantly better video experience than the webcam that is built into notebook computers. With the addition of these two new models, faceVsion now offers the broadest lineup of sub-$500 HD videoconferencing cameras for Skype(TM), WebEx, Gmail, and other popular collaboration applications.

The new TouchCam E1 features a wide-angle lens with up to 75-degree FOV and dual built-in microphones for superior audio quality, even from several feet away.

The new TouchCam L2 is the world's smallest 1080p capable video camera and features a wide 28mm lens with a clever sliding lens cover nestled into a compact body that fits neatly into a frequent traveler's computer bag.

Both models feature embedded hardware H.264 video encoding, allowing the HD video to be transmitted via a typical high-speed Internet connection and deliver exceptional video quality, up to 1080p HD. The TouchCam E1 and L2 can be easily mounted to the screen of a laptop or set by itself on a desk top for impromptu conference room use, allowing everyone to get into the action.

"Traditional videoconferencing solutions don't always fit the needs of today's small and medium businesses," said Ping Liu, President of faceVsion Technology USA.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Fremont, CA, faceVsion Technology USA delivers true HD video communications to the mass market.

Core products include the Skype(TM) HD certified FV TouchCam N1, awarded Editor's Choice from LAPTOP Magazine, the FVexpress Combo entry-level professional videoconferencing platform, and the FVexpress Pro 1080p H.264 video encoding/decoding card.

The faceVsion TouchCam E1 and L2 both retail for $129.99 each and are currently available from popular resellers including PC Connection,,, Multiple Zones, and other fine resellers and e-tailers, or direct from the web shop.