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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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The basket of services you need vary, based on your experience, how busy you are, and how technologically equipped you are. We not only help deliver the services you need to meet your goals -- but we help you make the plan in the first place. We clear the boulders off your pathway so that you can do as much of the work as you are equipped to do. Isn't that a nice change?!

Here are some helpful information tips that show you how we join with you in defining your self-publishing journey with definable goals -- and then assist you in selecting the right "Digital Publishing Solutions" for your journey.

Digital Publishing Solutions
with Sunshine By Design
Authors, filmmakers and creatives can use online publishing and production services in new ways to create their own independent brand. We help you do that effectively. What is an Indie Publisher? That digital revolution has also shaped the new "indie publishing" model. Authors and creatives are taking charge of their written words, their illustration and their digital media and are using their personal network of creative support services, online distribution and promotion platforms to get their ideas out into their communities ... and the greater marketplace. Dictionarium App for iPhone and IPad is an encyclopedic dictionary An iPad and iPhone app for looking up words... like a dictionary! How revolutionary, carry a massive dictionary on your smart phone! River Of News is a Google Reader app for the iPad River of News is a RSS reader for the iPad that syncs with your Google Reader account. Early Edition, Personalized Daily Newspaper App for iPad Personalize your daily newspaper reading experience on the iPad or iPhone with The Early Edition. Flipboard Creates Personalized Social Magazine On The Fly Designed from the ground up for iPad, Flipboard creates a magazine out of a userʼs social content. FLUD the News Ecosystem App for iPad FLUD is personalized mobile news ecosystem for reading and sharing news and social media. Pulse Redefines News Delivery for Android, iPhone, iPad Pulse is a news reading application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Rebirth of publishing success with children’s book series Children's publishing trends 2011 fuse e-technologies with exciting series and graphic storytelling. Public Domain Mark for Creative Commons Works Free of Copyright Creative Commons has released its Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that allows them to be easily discovered over the Internet. 81% of Experts in the News are Male A 2010 study reveals that women are persistently underrepresented in the media as experts and authorities. Here's a solution for both women experts and journalists. Point-to-point HD Personal Videoconferencing Cameras for Small & Medium Size Businesses Videoconferencing cameras for SME businesses can reduce transportation and travel costs for sales, customer support and training. Indie everything is the trend for media business and consumption Are you re-thinking your media strategy in what feels like unreasonable directions? If so, you're more likely to catch the flow of tomorrow's information business strategies. Urban living is the new creative paradigm for visual imagery Corbis makes it their business to gather images together to express the creative concepts for changing times. Google Books Distributes e-Books Through Indie Bookstores Google Books Launches Cloud-Based Book Distribution at Indie Bookstores