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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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This library of articles on marketing "Promotion" will help you plan promotion such as news releases, advertisements, signage, electronic media, newsletters, fliers, specialty products, sideline products, and person-to-person messages.


New Lightweight Materials for Exhibits, Signs and Displays: Gigacrete Lightweight concrete materials for exhibits, signs, and building projects in marketing Successful Book or Media Signing Events Signing events for books and media like DVDs and movie launches are The Learning Annex The Learning Annex is just one of several national or regional speaker services that bring students to you through their catalog. Meeting and Event promotion that's integrated and easy using SureToMeet MCH mailing list databases MCH offers response-driven mailing list databases including schools, districts, and childcare centers. Writers Weekly Freelance Writers Ezine WritersWeekly is the highest-circulation freelance writing ezine offering paying markets and freelance jobs. Find a Promotional Product Idea Find a Promotion - A host of ideas and suggestion on various promotional products and how to use them. Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Conference Living Green Expo The Living Green Expo uses a two-tiered approach to "living green:" Low Impact Living and Long-term Sustainability. Sustainable Building Conferences Sustainable building calendar and resources directory Community Event Cookbook for WH Bookfair Book festival cookbook to plan your exhibit and Marketing activities. YouTube and Urban Nature team up YouTube is a cutting edge promotion tool...check out the "Urban Nature" group for an example of both nature and promotion! Book Cover Design Samples of book cover design. Visual poetics by Carolyn Allen Social Networking for Niche Audiences Social networking is the latest promotion strategy maximizing Internet outreach Comics are so hot -- and interpretive! Comic tool makes comic storytelling easy for kids...and professional marketers. Game and Toy Tradeshow List A few of the main game and toy tradeshows. Pop-Up Retailing -- trend in nonprofit visibility marketing Pop-up retailing is a short term, high visibility retail campaign that provides integrated marketing opportunities. Why SEARCH matters so much for business FIVE Search tips to help you spread your business message more effectively Planning an Effective Website for Books, Authors and Publishers Websites for books and intellectual property of all media are works in progress. They need to be updated as your products change, as your business changes, as the market place grows. Recycled paper clothes hangers are now product coupons! HANGER NETWORK IN-HOME MEDIA is targeting the bedroom closet as its distribution channel for ads and coupons. Newswise to Spread the Word About Your Research and Innovation News source for research groups active in the fields of medicine, science, business and the humanities. Google Offers DIY TV Ad Production and TV AdWords Google TV Ads is where Promotion and advertising on television meets Google AdWords. Google Tracks TV Viewership With Key Metrics Google TV Ads tracks viewership of tv ads to target reach and frequency to reach advertising goals Create Your Own Ad Using Google TV Ads Google TV Ads makes it easy to create your own TV ad. What fun...and opportunity for small business. Telling your story to market your craft Talk about your day job... real life. People like your unique angle. Web Conferencing Options in 2010 Webinars and collaborative online sharing technologies are exploding in 2010 as new Internet capabilities, mobile, and hardware make interactivity roar ahead. Eco-friendly Packaging and Direct Mail Solutions for Publishers Univenture offers customization of their entire product line including size, material, and printing options. Book Videos & Book Trailers Book promotion using book videos and book trailers. Carolyn Allen's Designs Portfolio images and case studies Publishing Companies Need A Continuous New Product Pipeline of Sideline Products Complete book packaging from concept to print are available for the beginning publisher. Information Products for Authors, Speakers, Consultants, and Professionals How-to coaching helps authors, speakers and consultants create and produce information products for promotion and profit. Tags and Labels are like Whispers and Giggles Sunshine By Design adds fun to exhibits. SuretoMeet Promotion Services for Organizations NEW! Sunshine By Design provides easy, one-stop services to promote your events with a Calendar of Events service. Ads & Posters are powerful draws for a fast paced community Ads & Posters are powerful draws for a fast paced community Interpretative brochures invite participation! Sunshine By Design adds production power to your message. Signage and Exhibits Stop Traffic…and Focus a Successful Experience Sunshine By Design helps plan cost-effective signs that engage visitors.