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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Carolyn Allen, Author

New Releases!

Apparently Gods a Lousy Designer Backyard Blessings SPRING Music Magic
Nature -- natural systems, wildlife, gardening, urban parks -- and our relationship with nature is the very pulsating heart of her writing. Whether it's her websites that focus on green and sustainable communities -- or her novels for tweens and families -- Carolyn takes her inspiration from the magic of everyday nature. Butterflies are a favorite theme. And trees. And natural phenomenon such as El Nino and tornadoes and gentle spring rains.

Having grown up on a simple, organic farm in Arkansas, and been transplanted into urban neighborhoods as huge as Los Angeles, Carolyn brings an intimate knowledge and relationship with nature to her writing and publishing.

Here is a list of her recent published works:

Family Fiction

Music Magic
by Carolyn Allen
Novel for tweens and teens
100 pages, $6.99
Format: eBook (We save trees together!)
Available at:

Music Magic An "authentic voice" Novel about Community, Creativity, Nature and Growing up strong!" For TWEENS and their families -- "Music Magic" is a family story of emotional challenges as Mari, a young teen struggles with friendships, and explores her world through music. Mari and her best friends, Jose, Eri and Monica, build the foundation of a garage band, exploring community musicians at Santa Monica Promenade, Christian bands, and the world of digital musical creation. Family plays a big role in Mari's adventures. Fast paced learning takes place in nature, in the neighborhood and in the big city to make this a favorite with tweens and their parents. (And the screenplay is watch for it on the big screen!)

Creative Essays and Collections

Backyard Blessings: SPRING
A Seasonal Series by Carolyn Allen
Inspirational essays for spiritual nature lovers
SPRING: Dancing with Joy in Spring
Format: PDF E-book (We save trees together!)
100 pages, $9.99
Format: PDF eBook
Available at:

Backyard Blessings Spiritual Nature Book Inspirational, Nature-throbbing Meditations! This series blossoms from Carolyn's heart. Lifted from her popular email newsletter over several years, "Backyard Blessings", these short spiritual encounters with backyard nature will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.

The series will include a book of inspiration for each season -- SPRING, SUMMER, FALL and WINTER ... the series is being released starting with SPRING. Great for nature lovers, gardeners, explorers...and wildlife watchers!

Non-Fiction: Creativity, Innovation & Design

Apparently God's a Lousy Designer, by Carolyn Allen
Essay for creatives, designers and thinkers
32 pages, $4.99
Format: PDF eBook (We save trees together!)
Available at:

Apparently Gods a Lousy Designer Ready for some tongue-in-cheek creativity brain twisters? How much do you appreciate nature's awesome design principles? Whether you're an artist / designer or a consumer -- this daring essay exposes you to ideas that make you think about the goods you use everyday!

Biomimicry is just one approach to learning from natural systems. From agriculture to haute couture, we can enjoy the beauty of nature if we engage nature in new ways. Carolyn explodes some of the entrenched assumptions we make as creatives ... and consumers. Very thought-provoking!

Consumer Websites

Backyard Nature Center is Carolyn's very first website -- filled with tips and stories and information about squirrels and birds and butterflies and gardens and landscapes. And heart.

Solutions for Sustainable

Ideas for sustainable homes and communities to help conserve water, enjoy fresh air and sunshine. And contribute to a better future.
Business Websites

California Green Solutions

Carolyn's daily, editorial website, is the hub of small business and community solutions that range from solar PV to organic food packed in sustainable packages -- to landfills and green jobs!

Solutions For Green

To help give small green companies and organizations more visibility and help connect consumers and producers, Carolyn and her team added a "green solutions directory" to her publishing platform. Solutions cover the gamut from organic hygiene to biodiesel to energy efficiency solutions.

Green Job Wizard

Job seekers and mid-career professionals need continuing education and training -- and quality certifications. Carolyn and her team developed a "green certifications directory" to cover the gamut of job training and career certification programs.

Comments About Carolyn's Work

... "Carolyn is the Idea Queen" of my life... she's always spicing up my day with new ideas and insights." says Cliff Allen, husband of 40+ years!

... "This is a really good story. I love how Mari loves nature and music! I love science and nature, too! And her mother really doesn't get her music!" says Madeleine L., the first tween to read "Music Magic!"

... "You really have the teen's voice down pat," Angela Hoy, Booklocker publisher.

BLOG: Music Magic Carolyn Allen is the author of Music Magic, Apparently God's a Lousy Designer, Backyard Blessings, and Migration of the Heart, as well as publisher of a platform of business and sustainable community websites. BLOG: Migration of the Heart Coming Soon! This is an action adventure of a family in crisis with high tech and nature's fury! BLOG: Apparently God's a Lousy Designer Where do designers and consumers alike get tough love like this? BLOG: Buddy's Diner Buddy's Diner, a STORY + DIY project planner. Family project of planning and installing a birdfeeder to develop a backyard birdfeeding, water and habitat station. Fun! Educational! EBook, immediate download $1.99 Little Bit of Eden at California Beaches showcases LIFE! I have organized my photos of nature at the beach into the telling of the Bible's creation story... showing how broad creation is, how bound together in our own habitat.