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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Results

Sustainable product and service marketers weave a wide variety of creative talents and skills together to create memorable experiences for their clients. Here is a growing library of articles to refresh and encourage you and sharpen your outreach to your community.


Making the Case for Blogging and Content as a Marketing Function What has the Internet changed in business...and personal shopping? New media is about more than promotion. It's about business strategy that affects inventory, distribution channels, customer service as well as marketing communications. Communications has moved upstream -- it's no longer about designing a well-crafted ad. It's about people Internetting with people. Youth are our world (and markets) tomorrow... Youth are digitally focused -- the tipping point in electronic distribution is here. Economic Outlook Sparks Business Enthusiasm for Nature Children and Nature Network advocates for basic access to nature for all children to promote health, intelligence and joy. Marketing Tools for Sustainable Outreach Sustainable business strategy and marketing services for California businesses nonprofits and community programs Overture Overture offers commercial search services on the Internet Women Owned Small Business Programs Small business outreach, training and technical assistance to small business women owners Alternative technology Association ATA(Alternative Technology Association) is Australia's leading environmental organisation promoting sustainable technology and representing community issues. Education Technology Industry Summit The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association is the principle trade association for software and digital content industries Victory, bilingual development Organizational knowledge and resources can provide marketing opportunities that complement your outreach mission. Information Distribution with Ingram and PMA Self publishing, marketing, wholesaling and distributing books, audio and video products Online survey tools to refine your communication strategy Zoomerang online survey tool. Travelmedia -- streaming media for the global travel industry Travelmedia provides destination marketing with streaming media to the global travel industry American Film Market Creative promo sign ideas from the movie industry help reach out and touch your visitors impulses. Marketing professionals help with ideas and strategy Marketing know-how from professionals and professors. Sales and marketing tools: Mac McIntosh Business to Business sales and marketing tools Innovation Tools to stimulate creativity and innovation Innovation for sustainablity can use tools to improve the impact and sustainable viability of new products and services Company Sustainability Reporting Sustainability Reporting Guidelines are basic tools for sustainability marketing. Here is the source to help make reporting to your community easy to accomplish. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center Alternative Farming Systems Information Center and sustainable agric Rural Development - California Farms are facing sustainability challenges. LOHAS Journal - Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability LOHAS marketing to cultural creatives, a marketing strategy for today's urban and suburban consumers The Natural Marketing Institute Strategic consulting, market research, and business development company for the health and wellness marketplace. SupplySide West - and East Expos for functional foods SupplySide Shows for functional, healthy and botanical ingredients and to source minerals, proteins, herbs and vitamins for your products. Green@Work Magazine for sustainability Green@Work is a new magazine for sustainability executives, managers, product developers and community service leaders Design: Green for Product Design Design: Green is a groundbreaking program to jumpstart eco-design education for product designers using the Business-Ecodesign Tools, Innovative Technology Programs PatentCafe enables robust data mining for quick discovery of patent "prior art" most relevant to a particular infringement suit. Creative contests have gone global Want to hold a contest? Go online and go global. Green strategies that help market new fabrics Read more about this process and to balance your opinion about the level of sustainability these products deliver with their finished products. Multiplatform delivery of your message(s) The Internet can be the communications hub of a small organization today. It replaces the water cooler, the telephone and the copy machine. It's also making inroads into the sales force, the legal advisor, the health plan, and the thermostat! Tire Piles Cleanup Grants These grants will help clear tire piles across the state that present environmental and health hazards to communities. Case Study: How to promote a community event for children's nature Richard Louv helps local groups promote their children and nature programs with speaking and promotional support. Here's how... Engineering isn't on America's priority list With the proliferation of online education, the Worldwide Web, and broadcast possibilities, maybe education is ripe for innovative upset. Video is ubiquitous -- learn from the politicians of 2007! Consumers Spend More on Electronics if Studied First on Web Promoting Nature Programs with Stock Photos and Illustrations Adobe Photoshop Album Starter for New Artists & Communicators Photoshop starter version to help you discover your natural visual talents and add pizazzzzz to your photos! Car Buyers Want More Than Beauty! Buyer perceptions are more pragmatic than expected... Specialized Video Website Lets You Upload Birding Clips Specialized Video Website Lets You Upload Birding Clips Video Gaming Trends Video Gaming Trends are affecting a growing swath of business communications strategies. Get an update... Storyboarding Tips and Design Structure Telling a story isn't just for fiction any longer! Research is finding that stories are how we learn and develop skills, so storyboarding is a powerful tool to improve your productive storytelling. Green Marketing for Results Marketing Tactics for Creative Professionals Marketing is about price, promotion, product and place -- meaning that overlapping goals can create momentum for your creative career. Social Media Grows into Collaboration Tool Social media is being morphed into participatory literature and journalism. What's next? Google Makes Deal with TiVo for DVR Data Get Ready for High-Def...and 3-D Soon Thereafter Get ready for mind-blowing upgrades to 3/4 of your television audience. High def is in. 3-D...well... Innovation that Focuses on the Destination The case for a system of innovation Service Innovation is Hot Business Trend Service innovation can take a company from a traditional revenue model to an endless variety of tech-rich models. White Paper: Strengthen Small Businesses Through Bumpy Economic Times Communications innovation for nature and cultural organizations such as nature centers, museums and tourism businesses FAQ about Innovation and Creativity in Business Frequently Asked Questions about Innovation and how it is a critical strategy for business growth. Book Packaging Process An overview of book packaging techniques and definitions From Nature Writer to Editor to Publisher If you are ready to take charge of your information career, it's time to consider the publishing options available to you. Authors and self-publishers create new revenue streams with new media streams By repurposing your message in new media, with slight twists in vocabulary and imagery, you can keep your message fresh and appealing. You can relate. Dinner and a Plan -- Seminar Series on Innovation Management Sponsor a "Dinner and a Plan" seminar for your company, organization or community. Great for economic development and to strengthen creative energy in a community. Video and DVD Are Affordable Because They Are Highly Effective Sunshine By Design writes, shoots and edits cost effective videos for promotion and product sales to supplement your revenue. Multimedia: Slide show, trade shows and more Cost-effective slide shows for promotion and programs. Internet Strategies Internet experience creates online strategy. Plan. Design. Write. Promote. And set up web and email strategies for your in-house use.